History from the ASP module

4.03 ( 24/February/2005 )
Code128_Truncate can be set to false to not Truncate 128 barcode
Code39 and UPC was not setting the correct Text to scan
Code39 did not scan right
4.00 ( 22/November/2004 )
Now it can saves the barcode in TIFF format and PNG format
PDF417 can be set in Binary or numeric Mode
Truncate for PDF417 option
Fixed minor bugs

3.10 ( 30/July/2004 )
Code128, removed some bugs on the bar code generating ( The compression routine was falling )
Added the SaveStream Method
Added Ratio property for increasing the size of the barcode by a factor value
Errors messages are not being truncated by a the default size width.
Examples; Corrected the VB example and added a C# sample
3.0 ( 02/Jan/2004 )
Removed Create and Destroy functions, now it's called automatically.
Colors properties has been renamed, please see help file to update the code. 
Fonts and size can now be set.
Angles to 90, 180 and 270.
Added more bar codes, including the PDF417.
csCodeUPC_Supp2 and csCodeUPC_Supp5 has been removed to use the supplementary code on the barcode.
Debug information now reports correctly for each function
GIF can now be background transparent.
Improved graphic rendering.

2.0 ( 28/8/2002 )
Added the BinaryWrite method
New tool to help registering the componet
Removed some bugs of the component. 
New license protection
New help file with examples
New installer

1.4 ( 7/9/2001 )
More options added, like colors, filename format and removed a small bug in the drawing that could do an out of memory on the IIS.
Also the unregistered version doesn't display the unregistred label, now it displays a cross line on the picture and enables you to define the height of the code bar.
1.3 ( 13/2/2001 )
Added the possibility to use it on Visual Basic or whatever language that can use dll, is not dependent to the asp and the IIS. See the example in VB included on the package.
1.2 ( 12/12/2000 )
By numerous requests now the file output is by default in GIF format and the DrawToFile method detects by filename extension wich format to use, this reduces a lot the space used by the file graphic.
1.1 ( 8/12/2000 )
Added the set size property, now you can specify the size of the output bar code. See the documentation.
1.0 ( 25/10/2000 )
First release of the component.