The library is Shareware which has one limit; it displays a message on each page of the PDF document, we use the Crippleware technique to guaranty the piracy protection. If you register the software you will receive a new installation version and a license file. 

Professional and standard version are included on the same package for evaluation.


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easyReportPDF 1.16  (6.3Mb)

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  Last update: 01 abr 2008


Recent changes

1.16 (05-March-2008) 
 Graphics and Bar codes supports events in script, if return result is a string, then for barcode represents the contents and for graphics tries to load the result string.
 Added full barcode support.
 Added new script function; setContents for changing the caption of the texts and the contents of the graphics.
 csPropObjText now adds supports for graphics
 Report footer correctly paged when size exceeds page.
 Added latest version of aspEasyPDF engine.

1.12 (09-January-2007) 
 Support Oracle connections.
1.11 (26-June-2006) 
 Barcodes objects was not being updated from DB.
1.10 (15-May-2006) 
 Added ClearReport function for multi-report documents.
1.09 (26-April-2006) 
 Added Report_OnEnd function.
1.08 (18-April-2006) 
 Fixed when setting the "Page break after printing" and is the last record it wont add a blank page.
1.07 (15-April-2006) 
 Internal updates see help file.
1.05 (21-October-2005) 
 Shows Connections errors in the PDF inside a round rectangle in red. This will avoid connection errors with blank reports without knowing the error.
 Displays internal script errors error messages
 Parameter dialog now the OK button has default focus
 Corrected some errors on the Expandable field that didn't work if it wasn't set with HTML contents.
 New property to control the maximum pages that will print the report, this will enable you to control large reports errors that takes too much time to generate. ( MaxReportPage )
 Added the DBQuerySQL script function to create a new query for a given connection.
 Added the AddTextWidth and AddGraphicPos script function to write text and draw graphics from the script.
 Skip some errors after a connection break, it will display just one error, no consecutive errors for each record.
1.04 (19-October-2005)
TimeOut property in connection
SetDBConnection accepts [ALL] has object name to affect all connections object defined in the report
Scripts returns variants and reads variants, this is helpful to manage decimal values.
Small bug fixes.
1.01 (19-September-2005)
Added the Clear function
Added NVersion function
Added Connection constants ( see Constants help )
1.0 ( 22-July-2005)
 First release