The library is Shareware which has one limit; it displays a message on each page of the PDF document, we use the Crippleware technique to guaranty the piracy protection. If you register the software you will receive a new installation version and a license file. 

Professional and standard version are included on the same package for evaluation.

Enterprise version includes Professional version, Standard version and the data reporting which is a feature of the Enterprise version. If you don't need the database reports options then use the aspEasyPDF (Std/Pro) installation.

 Download Trial version
aspEasyPDF (Std/PRO)  3.50 (6.5Mb)
        includes VisualEasyPDF

   aspEasyPDF Enterprise 3.50 (6.9Mb)
        includes VisualEasyPDF

   aspEasyPDF  (Std/Pro) 3.50 (2.0Mb) 

   CHM Help for aspEasyPDF
Note: Registered users should download the latest version from the registered site 

  Last update: 07 may 2008


Recent changes

3.50 ( 05-May-2008 )
AddHTML - supports input tag
AddHTML - some entities were ignored
AddHTML - Strips  starting code page
AddHTML - PRE tag supported
AddHTML - Right alignmend was wrong for <P>
AddHTML - Added AddTextWidth property for the HTML support
AddHTML - Forms added
AddHTML - Added a new constant to control the <a> tag. csHTML_IgnoreATag
AddPDF - Unsupported images may hang or corrupt the saved PDF, fixed.
AddPDF - Ignored correctly the /Shading function so does not corrupt the PDF
AddPDF - External reference image where not supported
AddPDF - Artifact content on body page was hanging the library if there was a bad supported BCD tag before.
Checkbox didn't get is initial state


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