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Please see the PDF forums section as it is being updated daily with questions, suggestions and other useful examples. The questions below are some of the most common questions we’ve received in the forum.

Where is the Professional version?

Since version 1.1, the Standard and the Professional versions have been included in the same installation. To activate the pro features just use the pro functions. (These are clearly marked in the help file.)

Important: The Shareware version will display on the version of aspEasyPDF that has been used.

How fast is it?

aspEasyPDF is coded in Delphi and some parts that take more CPU intensive work are coded in pure assembler machine language to optimize the speed of the component.
Other types of software are programmed in Visual Basic, which is slow for server tasks and other ones use device printer capture drivers which are extremely slow.
We do not post test comparisons of our products between competing products, we just invite you to do so yourself, install different products and perform your own tests.

How do we license the program?

Once you’ve bought the program, you will receive your order confirmation by e-mail. Download and install the file on your production and development systems as instructed in the order confirmation.
If you didn't complete the order form with the codes to unlock the program, then reply to the order confirmation with a unique code (created by the aspEasyReg program) or the IP addresses for your production and development systems. We will then issue you with a license file which should be named easypdf.lic and filed in your system32 folder. Once this license file is in place the aspEasyReg (license tab) should show the product as being 'registered'.

How can a PDF Document be printed automatically?

There isn't an option in the PDF reader that allows you to automatically print a document when opened (it seems that this is done for security purposes), but we have created a small tool that monitors every PDF opened and prints it automatically.
This tool is freeware and you can download it from here.

Why doesn’t the HTML file look exactly like Internet Explorer?

aspEasyPDF uses its own lightweight HTML rendering engine which gives:
  1. Lightning fast HTML rendering and very short readiness times.
  2. Low level interaction with host application with no intermediate component technologies involved.
  3. No dependencies from browsers installed on server PC.

We are improving the rendering in each version, please send us your html file if you feel that the conversion is not accurate.

Can I use it with Visual Basic?

Yes, use the examples (included in the installation) to view a Visual Basic sample. As from version 1.1 there are two new methods that allow you to access the component directly.

Is it compatible with ASP.NET?

Yes, like other components aspEasyPDF adheres to Microsoft standards. Since we follow the standard and standard DLLs can be used with .Net, this guarantees that it will work with the .Net. If you wish to see some ASP.NET examples, then browse through the forums. There are some examples in them and in the installation.

Will the bottom message be removed when registering it?

Yes, the center and the bottom messages will be removed when you register it. There is no limitation on functionality or time.

We usually use two servers, one for production and the other for developing.
Do we have to order 2 licenses?

No, just one. Every licensed copy of aspEasyPDF entitles you to one production and another development license for free.

Which is the Hardware specification?

There is no special hardware requirement and it really depends on your developments. It will take 2mb-5mb of the memory system, but if you make big reports then this can increase to 32mb. If the computer is quite faster then it will generate the PDF faster, there is no minimum hardware set for this.

Can be runned in Windows 64 bits?

Yes, please follow this installation instructions to support the 64 bits OS