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MITData is a small software company derived from the personal page of John Lohmeyer. Since 1999 we have grow with the internet impact and we have dedicated our efforts to create a company dedicated to programmers to make their development easier.

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6 - May - 2008

New release of aspEasyPDF 3.50

30 - April - 2008

New release of VisualEasyPDF 5.04

25 - March - 2008

New release of easyReportPDF 1.16

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What users says:
Every single part of this component is great. The methods work how you want them to, it's amazing fast, and you can't beat the price. Not to mention the extremely helpful Tech Support. The response is immediate and helps me do exactly what I want to do. If you need to make dynamic PDF documents this is the solution. Kudos to MITdata!
Ken from Canoga Park, CA

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