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MITData is a small software company derived from the personal page of John Lohmeyer. Since 1999 we have grow with the internet impact and we have dedicated our efforts to create a company dedicated to programmers to make their development easier.

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6 - May - 2008

New release of aspEasyPDF 3.50

30 - April - 2008

New release of VisualEasyPDF 5.04

25 - March - 2008

New release of easyReportPDF 1.16

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To find and chose a component to dynamically create PDF on the fly can be difficult. But I've tested a lot of different components and in the end I ended up with aspEasyPDF. To start with it was a bit difficult, but the component got better everyday. If users find a problem, a bug or need help, it doesn't take long before it's been fixed or you get the help you need to continue. I'm very happy and can only recommend this component to everyone who wants to create a PDF with ASP as I did. Thumbs up!
Michael Koll from Denmark

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