This version has been discontinued, use the ShareMail that uses the latest technologies on encryptions and has better and intuitive interface. 

Version 1.0 ( 23.12.1997 )
Last version. For a half year this has been my work and investigation about cryptology, and I have just finished this version, I'm so happy!!!. Please download the last version and take a look on it, you will see how easy is to crypt and decrypt messages. ( Nothing will be as it was ).

Encryption with Netscape Communicator 
At last with the new version of netscape Communicator it supports the encryption messages. But there is a problem, you must sign up on a server, do you trust it! 

Internet Explorer 4.0 gots CryptoApi 2.0
Api developed specially for the programmers to standarize the sending of the cypted mail and authentification of the messages.
The MailCrypt Wizard integrates the funcionality of the CryptoApi trought an external module to be extremaly compatible with different S.O. configuration.

The CrypoApi is installed automatically when you install Internet Explorer 4.0.

Information about segurity, follow this link Microsoft CryptoApi

What is PGP?
With this new revision 1.0 it includes the new PGP integration Shell Dos. Discover the amazing world of the PGP. 
Pretty Good Privacy.