This program allows you to edit isometric map games for windows using DirectX. It's distributed in open-source so you can contribute to make a better program. All source code is available in Pascal and compile right under Delphi 4. ( Did not check other versions but it must be OK ).


Draw isometric tiles in a custom Map with your mouse
Put the sprites anywhere on your  map
Construct animations with the editor
Use the tile manager to define multiple tiles on just one bitmap
Preview it on DirectX
Fast code to draw it really fast on slow computers ( on preview mode )
And a lot more that can not be listed  

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2.0 Beta 3 ( 1/12/2000)
Preview in DirectX done with the DelphiX component from Hiroyuki Hori, the sprites are not drawn, this will be done in the next beta.
The sprites are positioned with the cursor mouse.
Made the new sprites structures for handling less memory and performing better design on  Bitmaps and DirectX
Removed the position window for the sprites and using the editor window for that purpose.

2.0 Beta 2 ( 1/10/2000)
Made the possibility to draw the tiles directly with the mouse pointer

2.0 Beta 1 ( 1/9/2000)
Removed all the bugs from the first version and changed the name to MapEditor
Improved some code for fast drawn 

1.0 ( November 1999 )
Dominique Louis get all the source code and improves the editor for the Jurasic Game, you can find more info on his web site.

0.9 ( Summer 1997 )
First version developed by Uberto Barbini and originally named Jurasic Editor because the program was designed for his games. 

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