What's the OPLEditor?

It's a programming editor for the OPL16 / 32 language, a basic and powerful Symbian language for the EPOC operating system. Please visit those site to got more information.
The basic of the OPLEditor is to be able to edit, transfer and translate an OPL program in a standard PC and transfer it directly or not to an EPOC device, such a Psion 5/3, Siena, Revo o R380.


- Project work on Symbian OS OPL Language for mobile phones ( Series xx ) ( updated on 22/11/2003 )

- New / articles and tutorial on Symbian OS OPL ( updated on 22/11/2003 )


OPLEditor 2.0 is unsupported!! read below. Now the application has been released to Freeware!, to unlock the shareware version just login on the forum and view the OPLEditor section.


Features and screen shoots

flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Language editor of OPL
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) You see different colors for the syntax language
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Get all the commands of the OPL, including those that are incompatible with other OPL Language
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Mini help of commands
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Can load in OPL32 format

Screen from version 1.21 Screen preview from 2.0

Version 1.21

Version 2.0


   version 1.21
version 2.0

Patch version 2.01 for registered users


If you want to use the free version log in to the forum and go the OPL discussion.

Get serial code 


What's coming next?

No more support!, not more products upgrades, this product is discontinued for economical reasons, 0 pre-registration on 6 six months, did not get any feedback, I don't have time to support it. I have spent a lot of hours and after some fun with it, I have no more fun on... Sorry but when no one supports you then you get tired of working for no reason.

So if you wish to get the 2.0 version, then download it and send me an email to get back the serial code to unlock it. This can take me to 24-72 hours so wait for the serial.

There is no SUPPORT so I will not respond any email concerning the OPLEditor !

Previous message

Note: The incredibly popular OPLEditor is now shareware. This decision was based mainly on the heavy volume of support that I do, and enhancements I plan to make in the future. If you use it in commercial way or for doing shareware applications, you are encouraged to register it. Registration entitles you to all future versions of OPLEditor 2.x. And it's only US$24.95 for a single user license! You can even register online securely using your credit card!

What's the incentive?

When OPLEditor version 2.0 is released, it will only be available to registered users. In other words, unregistered users will probably only get a demo to evaluate ( or use the OPLEditor 1.21 that will still freeeware ). Registering now will insure you have instant access to it when it is completed, as well as any beta versions as they become available.

What's Planned

flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Customs keys, change to your favourite color.
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Assign key colors to different languages, not just opl, you can edit ASP, vbscripts, C++, delphi, or add your favorite language to the editor.
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Visible line numbers on the left, you see all time where you are
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Use of custom bookmarks, you define 10 jump controls and you jump with the touch of the keys
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Multiple documents. You can edit more than one documents at once, copy form one to another, save all documents, etc.
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Control revisions history, time dedicated, authors and changes.
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) GUI development for Menu and dialogs
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Better search and replace, even search in a directory ( *.opl ) for some text.
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Group all your source files in a project
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) Print professional results or save it to html
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) You can chose the colors for the syntax highlights, and custom it for different languages.
flecha.jpg (712 bytes) It will be available in English, Spanish, French... or edit yours.

flecha.jpg (712 bytes) ... more to come. Join to the OPLEditor forum and you will be informed when it will be available...

Kind Regards, John Lohmeyer