This application is Shareware which have some limits; it displays a messages when processing transformations and limits the number of connections. Please supports us by purchasing the full registered application. 

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  Last update: 30 sep 2005


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0.63 ( 29/Set/2005 )
Problem viewing dates
DB Copy now allows to copy two different tables, it doesn't have to have the same table structure, just the names should be the same
Table differences corrects some mySQL syntax and adds the correct size field to the alter tables.
0.61 ( 16/Set/2005 )
View data uses a much improvement grid
0.60 ( 15/Set/2005 )
Differences from one database to other and shows SQL syntax to create the same table from one site to the other.
Lot of improvements added
0.53 ( 04/Dic/2004 )
Added definition, history and query builder for the data viewer.
0.51 ( 29/Nov/2004 )
First pre-beta release. Fully supports mySQL up to 4.1.